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1765 James Watt develops the steam engine
1774 The first Shaker community is founded in the United States
1835 Samuel Colt invents the revolver
1844 Samuel Morse sends the first telegram
1851 Crystal Palace is designed by J.Paxton for the Great Exhibition in London
1854 Thonet presents the first bentwood chairs
1869 The magazine Die Jugend (Youth) begins publication
1870 The era of German industrial expansion begins
1873 Industrial production of Remington typewriters begins
1875 Thomas Edison invents the incandescent light bulb
1876 Alexander Graham Bell demonstrates the telephone at the Wolrd’s Fair in Philadelphia
1889 The Eiffel Tower is built for the Paris Exposition
1893 The Chicago World’s Fair;
Victor Horta designs the Tassel House in Brussels
1897 Vienna Secession
1898 The Dresden Workshops for Commercial Art are established
1907 Leo Henry Baekeland invents Bakelite;
the German Work Union (Werkbund) is established;
Peter Behrens begins working with AEG
1908 Ford introduces the Model T Car;
Adolf Loos,Ornament and Crime
1909 Filippo Tommaso Marinetti issues the First Futurist Manifesto
1913 The first assembly line starts up at the Ford Motor Company;
the Woolworth Building is built in New York;
Fagus Works by Walter Gropius
1914 International Werkbund Exhibition in Cologne
1917 Foundation of de Stijl Group; Gerrit Rietvelt designs the Red and Blue Chair
1919 Raymond Loewy moves from Paris to New York;
Founding Manifesto of the Bauhaus
1923 Lázló Moholy – Nagy at the Bauhaus;
Le Corbusier,Towards to a new Architecture
1924 Wagenfeld Lamp (Bauhaus)
1925 The Werkbund newspaper Die Form begins publication;
Marcel Breuer designs the Wassily Chair;
The Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes is held in Paris;
the Bauhaus moves to Dessau
1927 Werkbund Exhibition “ The Apartement ”;
The Weissenhof Settlement is established in Stuttgart
1928 Gió Ponti founds the magazine Domus;
Le Corbusier,P.Jeaneret,C.Periand,Chairs LC3 and LC4
1928–29 Hannes Meyer is named director of the Bauhaus
1929 Mies Van de Rohe designs the German Pavilion and Barcelona Chair,exhibits at the World’s Fair in Barcelona;
Raymond Loewy designs the Gestetner Duplicator;
The Great Depression;
Founding of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City
1930 Werkbund Exhibition, Paris;
Mies van de Rohe becomes Bauhaus’ last director.
Aerodynamic locomotives by Bel Geddes, Dreyffuss and Loewy;
founding of the Cranbrook Academy;
the Empire State Building, New York
1933 Nazis seize power in Germany;
support for the spread of radio; the Bauhaus is closed
1934 Gerrit Rietvelt,Zig-Zag Chair;
F.Porsche designs prototypes of the Volkswagen
1935 Pierre – Jules Boulanger and André Lefèbre design prototype of the Citroen 2 CV
1935–39 Alvar Aalto,Chair 406 (Suspenden Chair of Plywood)
1937 Walter Gropius teaches at the Harvard Scool of Architecture;
Walllace Hume Carothers patents nylon;
World Exhibition in Paris; Lázló Moholy – Nagy founds the new Bauhaus in Chicago
1938 Mies Van de Rohe becomes head of the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago;
founding of the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg,Germany;
Raymond Loewy designs the Locomotive S1 for the Pennsylvania Railroad
1939 World’s Fair in New York, “Building the World of Tomorrow”
1940 Charles Eaems and Eero Saarinen win the contest “Organic Design in Home Furnishing” of the Museum of Modern Art ,New York;
Raymond Loewy designs the Lucky Strike package
1946 First Model of the Legendery Vespa motor scooter
1947 The German Werkbund reestablished
1949 Werkbund exhibit “New Living” is held in Cologne
1951 First Color Televisions sold in the United States;
founding of the Council for Design in Darmstadt
1952 Arne Jacopsen, Ameise Chair;invention of polypropylene
1953 Beginning of instruction at the Academy for Design in Ulm
1954 First awaring of the Compasso d’Oro prize,established by the department store La Rinascente;
the Ulm Stool is designed by M.Bill and H.Gugelot
1956–59 Frank Lloyd Write designs the Guggenheim Museum in New York
1958 World’s Fair in Brussel;Charles Eams,Lounge Chair
1959 Founding of the VDID (Union of German Industrial Designers)
1965 Marco Zanuso designs the folding radio,TS 502,for Brionvega; Theodor W.Adorno, Functionalisme Today; miniskirts become fashionable
1966 Founding of the Superstudio in Milan Closing of the Academy for Design in Ulm; Panton, Side Chair;
Werner Nehls,The Sacred Cows of Functionalism Must Be Sacrificed
1969 Ettore Sottsass designs the portable typewriter Valentine for Olivetti;
Joe Colombo presents the central Living Block at the Visiona Exhibit in Cologne;
Giancarlo Piretti designs the Plia folding chair
1970 International Design Center, Berlin;
Verner Panton presents Landscapes for Living at the Visiona Exhibit of the Cologne Furniture Fair
1972 The exhibition “Italy, The new domestic landscape“, opens at the Museum of Modern Art in New York;
Richard Sapper designs the Tizio Lamp
1973 Mario Bellini designs the adding machine Divisuma 18 for Olivetti; “Global Tools” exhibit in Milan
1974 Roland Moreno develops the first memory card for computer data
1975 Charles Jencks popularizes the term “postmodern”
1976 Documenta 6 in Kasel,Germany presents the Utopian Design
1979 Sony introduces the Walkman;
Philips and Sony develop the CD;
IBM manyfactures the first laser printer
1980 Alessi designs household commodities together with contemporary architects;
founding of the Memphis studio; Apple Corp introduces the Macintosh computer;
“Forum design” in Linz
1982 The exhibition “Lost Furniture – More Beautiful Living” (Möbel perdu) is held in Hamburg Museum for Art and Trade;
J. – F. Lyotard, Postmodern Science
1983 Founding of Swatch;
founding of Möbel perdu in Hamburg
1986 Exhibition “Living from the senses” held in Düsseldorf;
Ron Arad designs the Well – Tempered Chair
1987 The New Design Studio has it’s own section at Documenta in Kasel
1988 Design Workshop, Berlin
1989 Design Museum,London;
Design Museum of the Vitra Company in Weil on Rhine, Switzerland
1990 Philippe Starck designs Floucaril toothbrush
1991 N. Foster designs the Olympia television tower in Barcelona
1992 World’s Fair Expo, Seville
1993 The exhibit: “Design, Mirror of an Age” is held in the Grand Palace in Paris