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The Industrial Design Studio of TEI of Athens was established in the year 1987, after the Department of Int. Architecture and Design’s revision of its own study program, according to the provisions of the Law on Highest Technological Education in Greece (N. 1404/1983).


In this context the Industrial Design attempts to bring together technological and artistic knowledge in a unified academic and practical discipline which contains branches of instruction from the history of material production, political economy, 3D geometry, aesthetic theory, theory of art, perspective geometry, ergonomics, kinetic aesthetics, praxeology, material technology and design methodology.


The key notion for practicing in all kinds of designing is the way one gives form to a product of use. This experience corresponds to what in Greek terminology we call as “morphodosia” (namely, to appoint a form to a material object). Therefore the term Design can be conceived only as a creative proposal for an inventive form and purpose of a product of use.